Mountain Livin’

Hello beautiful people – me again!

I have been working and living in Lake Louise, Alberta for the past two months now – and I figured it was time to fill you all in. What better place to write than sitting on the main street of Banff with local ale in hand? For those of you who know me well understand that I am quite the planner. I tend to go about my days staying pretty focused on my next goal. My flexibility can be limited, simply by the fear of not meeting my own expectations. This summer was my opportunity to destroy that way of thinking. I have always strived to have a greater impact on those around me beyond the scope of my own situation. Moving out here has unlocked levels of my personality that I never even knew I had.

Luckily, I had support from friends and family. But, not everybody understood my decision to pack up and leave. This messed with my head a lot. I knew what I needed to do, so why was it so hard? Was I just running away from something? What do I even want? Loaded questions to say the least. Adjusting to a different lifestyle, new job and having to confront some things about myself, that let’s just say I would have rather forgotten – all threw me for a loop. The adjustment period was a rough one, but I can now say that coming out here was the best decision I have ever made.

It has forced me to reflect on what I want and where I want to be. Yes, I am fortunate enough to have found a job in the most beautiful place on earth, but honestly this summer wasn’t about making money. This experience has taught me a lot beyond just a pay cheque. For the first time ever, I feel like I have been able to slow down completely. Each day brings new opportunities that have forced me to get out of my comfort zone and build connections with people I would have never met otherwise. I have been really trying to be present during my time here and take every day for exactly what it is. These efforts have made a big difference on my mood. Surrounding myself in nature and getting away from every day distractions has been life-changing. More often than not, we get so wrapped up in making plans that we forget about the beauty of the process. Being surrounded by this scenery has really reminded me of what I value most. Beyond that it has forced me to share this energy with others!

As hard as this pandemic has been on everybody, I think it has forced us to revaluate ourselves and our expectations of each other. I know that I am not the same person as I was 6 months ago. I am not afraid to put myself out there or say what I want, why should we be? For the first time in my life, I am very secure in myself and where I am. I am proud to say that the amount of personal growth that has happened in the past couple months… is astronomical. I am experiencing things alone, that I never dreamed of before. Things as simple as a massive solo hike or sitting down to eat at a restaurant alone. It’s amazing what a little bit of perspective can do. I am very grateful for this opportunity and everything it has taught me. This summer has created a serious energy shift and has helped me discover where I want to focus my efforts going forward. I want to leave you with one thing that I have learned this summer; your situation is ever-changing and you have the power to change every single dynamic in your life. Energy flows and is never stagnant. One thing is for sure; this won’t be my last time living in the mountains. That’s all for now! Stay safe and healthy!

PS. Please enjoy some pictures of places and people that I have come to love dearly.


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