A Message to Anybody Feeling Stuck Right Now.

Hello beautiful people!

It has been a hot minute since I have felt inspired to write about anything. With all the madness going on in the world right now, I found that taking a step back from everything was much needed. Each day has been bringing a unique set of barriers and challenges … for me that loosely translates into a writer’s slump. But here I am, back at it and let me tell you it feels so GOOD. 

As you are reading this post, I want to challenge you to reflect on how you are feeling right now. In this moment, you have nowhere to be. So, try to clear your mind and focus on being present. Lately, it seems like everybody I talk to is in a bit of a funk, myself included. Quarantine, as necessary as it is, is unnatural for us. For many twenty-somethings, our circumstances are not what we intended. To build on that, our situations have changed so quickly and with little direction. Whether you have had to move back in with family, part ways with some of your closest friends, cancel travel plans or are struggling to find summer employment, feelings of anxiety have reached an all-time high. 

At this point in the post, you are probably relating to one, if not all of those categories. I want to take a moment to remind you that feeling lost right now, is valid. For our age demographic, this time is completely unprecedented. We grew up socially indulgent and find ourselves easily lost in making plans. With this new situation, we have had to adapt to new ways of living, thinking and connecting. That being said, it’s perfectly okay to not know the best way to help yourself. Feeling lost is valid. Feeling overwhelmed is valid. Feeling angry is valid. The bad days are equally as important as the good days. And, as difficult as it is to see now, better things are coming. Yes, we are social beings that crave connection, and being locked up for so many days on end is tough. Recognize that this is the point in quarantine when we are all emotionally exhausted. So, if you are feeling a little bit stuck, it is totally normal. 

For me, it comes and goes in waves throughout the day. Some days I feel very productive, and some days getting out of bed is my only victory. I have found it really hard lately to not get down on myself for the bad days. If you are struggling, I want to remind you that you aren’t alone and that you will get through this. These feelings, might just be reflecting your current situation. So, try to be kind to yourself and allow yourself the space to work through it. I promise you, it’s not a forever feeling. One last thing I want to touch on, is how you use your time during quarantine. I cannot explain to you how many social media posts that I have seen, claiming that quarantine is the “perfect time to be productive.” For some people, keeping busy is how they cope with this stressful situation. I applaud you. But you do not owe it to yourself or anybody, to put restrictions on how you are coping during this time. You don’t have to come out of quarantine looking a certain way, having a new hobby, or building a business plan. If you do, that is amazing. If not, that is equally as amazing. Each of us has our own timelines. This situation is stressful enough without us putting extra pressure our ourselves. Use this time to benefit yourself, however that might be. But most importantly, don’t apologize to anybody for this, you know what you need and your choices are valid. Keep your head up!

Big Hugs,



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